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Since March, we were able to overcome the impacts of COVID-19 through the ability to conduct our classes virtually in an on-line environment. Allegro Dance Studios would like to thank all of the Students, Parents, and Teachers, who quickly adapted to this new setting.


When we reopen in the fall, as planned, we are preparing for changes as we are updating our studio. Please print our registration form out and mail it to PO Box 23, Macungie, PA 18062.


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Carmen is a Middle Eastern Dance Artist with a passion for belly dance. Each or her performance showcases her enthusiasm and love for the art. Carmen is a sought-after performer and instructor and she loves to share the beauty of belly dance to others.

Carmen started studying belly dance in 2008 under the talented Amala Gameela. She furthered her studies under international stars such as Mohamed Shahin, Katalin Schäfer, Faten Salama, Nourhan Sharif, Karim Nagi, Raqai Hassan, and Hossam Ramzy.

Carmen teaches belly dance here at Allegro Dance Studios on Thursday evenings. From 7 - 8 pm, Carmen teaches fun belly dance drills class where she teaches basic moves and from 8 - 9 pm, she teaches how to belly dance with props. Carmen is also available for private lessons.

Learn the art of belly dance from a renowned artist.

Banat Al Sahara is a belly dance company based in Lehigh Valley that is under the creative direction of Carmen. This group is comprised of students from Allegro Dance Studios. Banat Al Sahara has a passion for performing. The group shares their talent at various festivals, haflas, educational presentations, and in restaurants.

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Belly Dance

Allegro Dance is delighted to have Carmen bring her belly dance program to us. We are proud and happy to have her!

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